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Naiveti     ( "nah-YEH-veh-tee" ) is an independent multimedia brand dedicated to speaking healing messages into the realities of everyday life. The purpose of all Naiveti media is to offer an oasis of balanced, resonant perspective in the midst of a chaotic and polarized online culture; a place of peace.

The name is satirical, a stylistic adaptation. On the one hand, naïveté signifies a certain quality of innocence, honesty, and simplicity; on the other hand, it often denotes inexperience and rose-colored blindness, as in: "don't be so naïve." I find myself captivated by the irony and the dissonance of this sentiment, and by the way it casually betrays our belief that innocence belongs to children and wisdom belongs to the jaded, that one cannot have both.


Everything here is meant to trace a mosaic path out of that nihilism and into a better way of life. My hope is that you will find something here that speaks to your soul.

 ~ Tamara Elizabeth Marie

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